Julio says, “If you subtract 12 from my number and multiply the difference by – 7, the result is – 98.”

What is Julio’s number?


  1. The solution of the word problem is -2. Julio’s number is -2

    How to find Julio’s number?

    A word problem is a mathematical exercise where significant background information on the problem is presented in ordinary language rather than in mathematical notation
    Let Julio’s number be x
    If you subtract 12 from Julio’s number, you will have:
    When you multiply the difference by -7, you will have:
    Given that the result is -98. That means:
    -7(x-12) = -98
    Solve for x:
    -7(x-12) = -98   (Expand the parenthesis)
    -7x + 84 = 98
    -7x = 98-84
    -7x = 14
    x = 14/(-7)
    x = -2
    Thus, Julio’s number is -2
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