Julia measured the high temperature in her town for one week. Using the chart below, find the mean absolute deviation for the high temperatures. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

Be sure to show your work for finding:

. the mean of the set of data

. the distance of each number from the mean

. the mean absolute deviation

Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Temperature (degrees F) 49 55 52 46 47 42 38


  1. Finding the mean is you have to add it all up:
    49+55+52+46+47+42+38= 328
    The divide it by the amount of numbers so, 329/7= 47.
    Subtract 47 from every number then, but even if you get a negative number you gotta keep it a positive so just ignore it if you get a negative answer when subtracting, once you do that you would add up those answers you got so;
    2+8+5+1+0+5+9= 30
    Then divide it again, 30/7
    Which then you get the M.A.D which is 4.3, rounded to the nearest ten.


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