john can shovel a certain driveway in 50 minutes if mar can shovel the same driveyway in 20 minutes how long will it take them to the nearest minute, to shovel the driveway if they work together


  1. John and Mar need 14 minutes complete shovel their driveway together, to the nearest minute.

    What is rate of doing work?

    You can use this computation to determine the hourly value of each employee’s job, allowing you to more effectively and efficiently plan your staffing needs in the future.
    This is crucial because it enables you to determine the ideal workforce size based on your average hourly wage.
    According to the question;
    by calculating the fraction of unit work that each individual can finish in a given amount of time together work is estimated.
    Mary can clear 1/20 of a driveway in a minute, but John can clear 1/50 of it in that time.
    The both will do the same job in;
    = (1/20) + (1/50)
    = (5/100) + (2/100)
    = 7/100
    They’ll be finished when they’ve cleared 100 percent of the driveway, therefore the equation we must finally solve is:
    7x = 100.
    x = 100/7
    x = 14.28
    Therefore, when John and Mar will work together, they will shovel the driveway in 14 minutes (to the nearest minute).
    To know more about work rate, here


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