Jane is fencing in her backyard. The yard is a rectangular area where one side is the back of her house. The fence will go around only the other 3 sides. The side opposite the house is the same length as the house, which is 30 feet. Jane will use 100 feet of fencing. Which equation can Jane use to decide how long each of the other two sides of her fence can be

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    The correct question is given below:
    Jane is going to fence her backyard. She has purchased 120 feet of fencing and knows that she wants to fence in a rectangular area where one side will be the back of her house. She knows her house is 25 feet across the back. Which of the following is the equation that Jane can use to figure out how far back from the house she can fence in?
    A. x+x+25=120
    B. 25x=120
    C. x+25=120
    D. 25(x+25)=120


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