Jamar has a large rectangular box that is 6ft x 8ft x 7ft. Will this box fit a pipe that is 12 ft. Long? Determine the length of the longest straight object that can fit in Jamar’s box and show how you know whether the pipe will fit or not.


  1. Answer:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given data

    L= 6ft

    W= 8ft

    H= 7ft

    Let us find the diagonal of the side, this represents the longest size of pipe the box can take

    z^2= L^2+ H^2

    z^2= 6^2+ 7^2

    z^2= 36+49

    z^2= 85

    z= √85

    z= 9.21ft

    Hence the 12ft cannot fit into the box

    the length of pip that can fit is 9.21ft

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