Jack is building a rectangular fence for his ferret. He has 20 feet of fencing and wants the short side of the fence to be 72 feet. How long will the other side of the fence be? write the answer in decimal form. The long side will be feet.


  1. Answer
    There is a contradiction in the question.  We are told there is only 20 feet of fencing, but the short side is to be 72 feet.  I will answer using the assumption that the 20 feet was supposed to be 200 feet.
    The remaining side would be 28 feet.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The perimeter of the fence can be no larger than the available fencing, 200 ft.  Will will assume all of the fencing is to be used.
    Let L and W stand for the feet of fencing for the Length and Width, respectively.
    Perimeter = 2L + 2W
    Let L be the short side:  
      L = 72 feet
    200 ft= 2(72 feet) + 2W
    200 feet = 144 feet + 2W
    2W = 56 feet
    W = 28 feet


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