Jack bought a car for $17,500. the car loses $750 in value each year. which equation represents the situation?


  1. The equation that represents the given situation is aₙ = -750n + 18250.

    What is an equation?

    • An equation is a mathematical statement formed by two expressions connected by an equal symbol.
    • Depending on the degree of the variable the equations are classified into many types.


    It is given that,
    Jack bought a car for $17,500
    The car losses $750 in value each year.
    So, the first term is calculated by the expression,
    18250 – 750 = 17500
    Thus, for the nth term, we can write
    18250 – 750n = aₙ
    ⇒ aₙ = -750n + 18250
    Thus, the required equation that represents the situation is aₙ = -750n + 18250.
    Learn more about writing an equation here:


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