j = x*2 − 0.49
k = (x – 0.49 )*2
m = x*3 − 0.49
If x is a negative integer, what is the ordering of j, k, and m from least to greatest?
(A) j < k < m
(B) j < m
(C) k < j < m
(D) m < j < k
(E) m < k < j


  1. According to the given information the result: m < k < j
    The correct option is E.

    What is  negative integer?

    A number with a minus (-) sign before it is said to be negative if its value is always less than zero. The left side of zero on a number line is where negative numbers are displayed. A couple more negative values include -6 and -15.

    According to the given information:

    Given that x is a negative integer, j must be positive because the least negative number, which is k, yields a negative number when squared. Also negative will be m.
    J has the largest value, as far as we are aware.
    For all x values, it is impossible to compare k and m. When x=1 and k=1 respectively, m and k are smaller.
    To know more about negative integer visit:


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