It is October and that means it is State Fair time again! Your uncle took you and 2 of your friends to the
fair. Admission for everyone to get into the fair was $20.00. You then went to the Midway, where they
have all of the rides, and he bout all-day ride passes for you and your friends. If your uncle spent a total
of $65.00 at the fair, how much did each of the all-day ride passes cost?


  1. Answer:  All-day ride passes cost $15 each
    Step-by-step explanation:
    It was $20 in total for everyone to get in, so subtract that from $65 to just focus on the all day passes
    So the all day passes all together cost $45
    Since your uncle bought it for you and 2 friends that’s 3 people in total so divide 45 by 3
    45 divided by 3 = 15
    So each of the all day passes cost $15
    Hope this helped  🙂


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