In this unit, you worked with geometric proofs. A proof is a logical sequence of justified conclusions that lead from a hypothesis to a final conclusion. In your opinion, why are mathematical proofs important?

Suppose that a conclusion within a proof isn’t justified or is inaccurate. In geometry, what might be the consequences of the inaccuracy?

Now think about different kinds of proofs that take place outside the world of geometry, and list a few examples. What might be the consequences of having an unjustified conclusion surface in such proofs? Who might be affected and how?


  1. Mathematical proofs are  important because it help[s with insight into meanings as regards a  statements , it also determine if a statements are true or false and the reason why.
    The Importance of proof in real life is that it help to know may be the student  understand some aspect such as :
    • Axioms
    • rules
    • theorems,
    • hypotheses.
    • Explain a deeper meaning of geometry in  our world and how it works.
    The consequences of the inaccuracy is that Inaccuracies can bring about  misrepresentation in  hypotheses and this can affect the student understanding.

    What are Mathematical proofs?

    A mathematical proof  can be described as the  inferential argument  that is been used when dealing with a mathematical statement, and this help to   establish that  stated assumptions is logically guarantee  with respect to conclusion.
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