In the expansion of (2a + 3b)8, which of the following are possible variable terms? Explain your reasoning.

a2b3; a5b3; ab8; b8; a4b4; a8; ab7; a6b5


  1. The possible variable terms are a^5b^3, b^8, a^4b^4, a^8, ab^7

    How to determine the possible variable term?

    The expression is given as:
    (2a + 3b)^8
    The power of the above expression is 8
    When expanded, the sum of powers on each variable must be 8.
    Using the above explanation, we have the following possible variable terms:
    a^5b^3, b^8, a^4b^4, a^8, ab^7
    This is because the sum of powers equals 8
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