In one month you rent eight dvds from option a vending machines. you return four of the movies after
one night, but keep the other four for three nights. would you have spent more or less on option c’s
unlimited streaming option? how much more or less?
option a
rent dvds from vending machines: $1.25 per dvd per night
option b
new films (watching online): $3.49/24 hours
other films (watching online): $2.99/24 hours
option c
unlimited streaming (watching online) $16.99/month
one dvd at a time by mail: $16.99/month


  1. We have to spent $13.01 less on unlimited streaming.
    In one month rent 8 DVD’s.
    As per option a,
    Rate of one DVD per night = $1.25
    So for 8 DVD’s for a night = 8 × 1.25 = $10
    After one night returned 4 DVD’s.
    Now 4 DVD’s left.
    Rent of 4 DVD’s for 4 nights = 4 × 4 × 1.25 = $20
    Total amount spent in a month = $10 + $20 = $30
    As per option c,
    For unlimited streaming we have to spent $16.99 per month.
    Amount difference = 30 – 16.99 = $13.01.
    It is clear that we have to spent $13.01 less on unlimited streaming.
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