In his will, Mr. Banks left 50% of the value of his property to his
wife, 22% to his daughter, 16% to his son, and the remaining
$30,000 to charity. What was the value of his property? Show work


  1. The value of Mr Banks’s property was $250,000
    What percentage of the property is left for charity?
    The percentage of property left for charity can be determined as the 100% of the property minus all percentages given to others
    % left for charity=100%-50%-22%-16%
    % left for charity=12.00%
    12.00% of the property=$30,000
    1.00% of the property =$30,000/12
    1.00% of the property =$2,500
    100.00% of the property=$2500*100
    100.00% of the property=$250,000
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