in as small room fan of rating 50 watt is used for 10hrs 2bulb of rating 10v are used for 8hrs daily.calculate monthly. electricity bill for. month of June if cost of 1 unit is Rs10
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  1. Answer:

    The electric bill for June is Rs198000


    Convert volt to watt, but in order to do so I need to know the amps and since it is not provided I converted if the amps was 1.

    I multiple 50 with 10 then  with 30 so I know how much watt the fan takes at June.

    Since there are 2 light bulb I multiple 10 with 2 than with 8 than with 30.

    15000 watts for the fan,

    4800 watts for light bulb,

    add them and then times it by 10.


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