in a study of happiness 100 people rate the level of happiness on 1 to 10 scale what kind of variable is this


  1. In a study of happiness 100 people rate the level of happiness on 1 to 10 scale; the kind of variable is this “quantitative“.

    What is a quantitative variable?

    The numbers you enter when collecting quantitative data represent real quantities which can be added, subtracted, divided, and so on. There are two kinds for quantitative variables: discrete variables and continuous variables.
    Some characteristics of variables are-
    • A variable in statistics is a property of the population sample being researched.
    • It can differ from one sample member to the next, and it could be almost anything.
    • Variables can be color, height, size, weight, or any other feature that can be observed or described. Variables are classified into two types: qualitative and quantitative.
    • Qualitative variables are further classified as nominal, arbitrary, and binary, whilst quantitative variables are classified as discrete and continuous.
    • In statistics, a qualitative variable is one that falls within the descriptive category, or something that cannot be measured.
    • Qualitative characteristics include color, taste, fragrance, style, emotion, and satisfaction.
    To know more about the quantitative variables, here


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