In a​ company, 65​% of the workers are women. If 1,015 people work for the company who​ aren’t ​women, how many workers are there in​ all? Use pencil and paper. Show two different ways that you can solve this problem. no rush just need an answer


  1. Answer:
    659.75 people that aren’t women
    65 times 1,015 divided by 100= 659.75
    Step-by-step explanation:
    For this problem we know that 55% of the workforce is women, so that means 45% of the workforce is men because 100-55= 45. So we can set up an equation to solve how many total workers are there in total.
    X*(.45)= 2,295. Something times .45 equals 2,295. When we solve for x by dividing both sides by .45 we get that the total workforce equals 5,100. The reason for this is because x stands for the total workforce, but when you multiply it by .45 (which is the percentage of men in the workforce) you get 2,295.
    That is one way to solve this. Hopefully this will help you find another way of solving this problem since you need to show two different ways.
    Remember 55% =. 55 and 45% = .45


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