In 2016, a maglev train in Japan traveled 1.1 miles in 1045 seconds.

A picture of a Maglev train is shown. The caption reads Maglev trains use magnets to hover above the tracks. This helps them reach extraordinary speeds.

Question 1
Part A

Find the speed of the train in miles per hour.+


  1. Answer: ~3.8 mph (see below)


    What we know:
    • We need to find the speed of the train in miles per hour (mph)
    • The train is traveling 1.1 miles per 1045 seconds
    • There are 3600 seconds in 1 hour
    How to solve:
    We need to find what number when multiplied with 1045, will equal 3600. The unknown will be a variable x, and the seconds will be represented with s. Then, we need to multiply this number with the value of the miles (m) to find how many miles are traveled in that hour (h).


    Finding X (in seconds)
    Set up equation                                                       H = sx
    Substitute                                                           3600 = 1045x
    Divide                                                                 /1045   /1045
    Solution                                                 3.44497608 = x
    Finding Miles
    Set up equation                                                 mph = x(m/s)
    Substitute                                                           mph = 3.44497608(1.1/1045)
    Simplify                                                               mph = ~3.79/3600
    Convert                                                               mph = ~3.8 miles per hour

    Solution: ~3.8 mph (3.78947369 miles per 3600 seconds)


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