Imagine that you have encountered three talking dogs and you ask them if they are liars or truth-tellers. Dog 1 says something you do not understand. Dog 2 says, “He said he was a truth-teller.” Dog 3 says, “Juan is lying.” You then ask, “Which one of you is Juan?” Dog 2 says, “I am the only Juan.” Dog 3 points to Dog 1 and says, “He is the only Juan.” Determine whether each dog is a liar, truth-teller, or whether it can’t be determined.


  1. Answer:
    It is not possible to determine whether any of the dogs are liars or truth-tellers based on the information provided. The statement made by Dog 1 is not understood, so it is not possible to determine if it is true or false. The statements made by Dogs 2 and 3 contradict each other, so it is not possible to determine which one is telling the truth. It is also not clear which dog, if any, is named Juan. Without further information, it is not possible to determine the truthfulness of any of the dogs’ statements.
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