If you rent a car from Caleb’s Cars, you’ll pay a $61 fee
and $24 per day. At Vinny’s Vehicles, you’ll pay a $105 fee and $20 per day. Determine the number of days you can rent a car from either place and pay the same amount. Use substitution or elimination.


  1. Answer:
    11 days
    Step-by-step explanation:
    (don’t think I can solve this with elimination because there is no coefficient with a y-value.)
    When looking for the interception you look for the point where both lines intercept. I graphed both equations online and looked for the point where they intercept, which is (11,325) meaning that in 11 days, both places will cost 325 dollars when you rent a car.
    ( I also looked for a calculator online that is especially used to find the interception between two points and it gave the same point, if wrong…I’m sorry)


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