If you like hot weather, would you rahter go to a majorca in august,where the average temperature is 80 f , or to rome where the average temperature is 27 c use the formula c = 5(f- 32) divided by 9


  1. Since I like hot weather, I would rather go to Rome with a temperature 27-degree c than to Majorca with an average temperature of 80F.

    How do you Convert from Degree to Farhenhite and Vice versa?

    The temperature is converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit using this formula. Scales of temperature offer a means of determining how warm or frigid a body is. Temperature scales include Celsius and Fahrenheit. The Formula of celsius to Farhenhite is  F= 9/5×C+ 32.
    To compare the temperatures of both the places, we will first convert them to similar Units so that the comparison becomes easy. We will Change both the units to the Farhenhite unit as follows.
    The temperature of Rome:
    F = 9/5×27+32
    F= 80.6
    Therefore the temperature of Majorca is 80F and that of Rome is 80.6. More temperature means more hot weather. Therefore Roma will be hotter in August than Majorca.
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