If Winston left a 15 percent tip on his orders every day, how much money in tips alone did he leave in total on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?


  1. The total amount that will be paid of there’s a 15% tip is $57.50.

    How to calculate the percentage?

    A percentage is a value or ratio that may be stated as a fraction of 100. If we need to calculate a percentage of a number, we should divide it’s entirety and then multiply it by 100. The percentage therefore refers to a component per hundred. Per 100 is what the word percent means. It is represented by %.
    Let’s assume that the cost of the good bought is $50. A 15% tip will give a value of:
    = 15% × $50
    = $7.50
    The total amount to be paid will be:
    = $50 + $7.50
    = $57.50
    Note that an overview was given as the information is incomplete.
    Learn more about percentages on:


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