if we want to construct a two-sided confidence interval, what is the critical value for a 99 confidence interval for a z interval?


  1. The critical value for a 99 confidence interval for a z interval is 2.576.

    What is confidence interval?

    A confidence interval (CI) would be a range of values that, with a specific degree of certainty, are likely to encompass a population value. It is frequently stated as a percentage when a population mean falls between a higher and lower interval.
    Some key features regarding the confidence interval are-
    • A 95% confidence interval is a set of numbers that includes the true mean of the sample 95% of the time.
    • The sample mean (middle of the CI) will change from sample to sample because of natural sampling variability.
    • The trust is in the technique, not in a certain CI.
    • If we performed the sampling technique many times, we would get around 95% of a intervals built to match the genuine population mean.
    To know more about the confidence interval, here


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