If the length of hj were 4x, the length of hk were 3x, the length of jk were 2x and the perimeter of hjk were 63 what would the length of hj be?


  1. The length of hj is 28 units

    How to determine the length of hj?

    The given parameters are:
    hj =4x
    hk =3x
    jk = 2x
    Perimeter = 63
    The perimeter of the triangle is calculated as:
    P = hj + hk + jk
    So, we have
    4x + 3x + 2x = 63
    Evaluate the like terms
    9x = 63
    Divide by 9
    x = 7
    Substitute x = 7 in hj =4x
    hj =4 * 7
    hj = 28
    Hence, the length of hj is 28 units
    Read more about perimeter at:


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