If the graph of a budget function has an x-intercept at 2 and the y-intercept at 5, name two ordered pairs that would fall on this line.

(2, 0) (0, 5)

(0, 2) (5, 0)

(2, 0) (2, 5)

(0, 2) (2, 5)


  1. Based on the graph of the budget function with the x-intercept and the y-intercept, the two ordered pairs that would fall on this line are (2, 0) (0, 5).

    What points fall on this line?

    The x-intercept is the point on the graph where the budget function would cross the x-intercept.
    At this point, the value of y would be 0 because the x-axis intersects the y-axis at y = 0.
    An x-intercept of 2 would therefore have the point, (2,0).
    The y-intercept would be the point where the y axis is crossed. At this point, x will be zero because the y-axis intercepts the x-axis at the value, x = 0.
    A y-intercept of 5 would therefore yield a point of (0, 5).
    In conclusion, option A is correct.
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