If Jonny spends 1/8 of his money at the arcade in 1/2 hour, how much time will
it take for him to run out of money?


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    So if he spends 1/8 of his money per 1/2 you just divide it since 2/8 of his money is equal to 1 whole you divide 8 by 2 which is equal to 4 or 8/2 which can be simplified to 4/1 = 4

  2. Answer:

    4 hours


    1/2 an hour is 30 minutes.

    If he spends 1/8 of his money in 1/2 an hour, he will run out of money in 4 hours in the arcade.

    Hoped this helped.


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