If A = 3r^2h^2, and (rh) increases by 100%, then the new A is how many times greater than the old A? PLEASE HELP ME, I’LL GIVE YOU BRAINLIEST!!! (Specify your answer)


  1. The new expression is 4 times the old expression

    How to determine the number of times the expression is greater than the old expression?

    The old expression is given as:
    A = 3r^2h^2
    Rewrite the expression as
    A = 3(rh)^2
    When rh increases by 100%, the new value of rh becomes
    New rh = rh + rh
    This gives
    New rh = 2rh
    So, the equation of the new expression is:
    New expression = 3(2rh)^2
    Evaluate the exponent
    New expression = 3 * 4 (rh)^2
    Substitute A = 3(rh)^2 in the above expression
    New expression = 4 * A
    This gives
    New expression = 4A
    Hence, the new expression is 4 times the old expression
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