I walked my dog 100 meters North to the end of the block, and 50 meters East to the park. After the park, I walked 60 meters South to my friend’s house. What is the total distance traveled? Is the displacement of my journey scalar or vector?


  1. Answer:

    The answer is below


    Distance is a measurement of how far apart two points are. Distance is a scalar quantity, i.e. it has magnitude and no direction.

    Total distance traveled = distance traveled north + distance traveled east + distance traveled south

    Total distance traveled = 100 + 50 + 60 = 210 meters

    Displacement is the shortest distance between the starting and end points.

    displacement² = 50² + (100 – 60)²

    displacement² = 2500 + 1600

    displacement = 64 meters

    The displacement of the journey is vector, because displacement is a vector quantity.

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