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Alyssa, a grade eight student, was looking through the school newsletter when she saw an ad placed by a local farmer looking for students to pick strawberries. The farmer has offered to pay the students $15.00 for the day plus $3.00 for each quart basket of strawberries they pick. Alyssa decides she wants to earn some extra money and goes out to the farm for one day to pick some strawberries.

For every quart she picks, she adds $ _____

to her total earnings for the day.

How much does Alyssa earn if she picks 0 quarts of strawberries?

$ ____


  1. Answer:

    1. She gets $3 per quart she picks.

    2. If she picks 0 quartz she will get $15 which is the amount the farmer pays for the day without the bonus money for picking strawberries.


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