How do I solve this proportional problem?

Phone 1 has the length of 2.6 and height of 5.4
Phone 2 has the height of 6.21 and the length of _____
What is the length of the Phone 2? Keep in mind that the answer is gonna to proportional.


  1. The length is 2.99 because we know that the answer is proportional.
    If the phone goes from 5.4 to 6.21 then to find the proportional relationship we divide 6.21/5.4 which equals 1.15 and then multiply 1.15 x 2.6 which equals 2.99
    I’m really bad at explaining sorry

  2. Answer 2.99 because first we are going to divide the big numbers first 6.21 and 5.4 we are going to add then we are going to multiply the result. Then we got the answer Hope this helps!


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