Homer and Bart plan to buy one computer for $499.00 quickly for gaming purpose games cause $49.00 each


  1. Answer:

    Alright, we know that we have to spend 499 dollars on a computer as a base cost. Next, we have to buy 49.99 * x dollars worth of games (since games are 49.99 each), adding up to 499+49.99*x

    Alright, so plugging 5 in for x, we get 499+49.99*5=744.95

    Since one controller is 24.99, the money for buying a y amount of controllers would be 24.99*y., making the expression 499+49.99x+24.99y

    Since in part D, there are no games, we plug these in to get  

    499+49.99*0++24.99*3=573.97 dollars

    Step-by-step explanation:

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