Hi, this isn’t a homework question but I just have summer brain and I need to get better at math.

You are selling a motorcycle and need to set the price. Your friend gets a 30% cut of the price you sell it as. What price does it need to be in order for YOU to make $1000?

How would you go on about solving this? Is there an equation? Thank you so much!


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Let x = the selling price
    x – .3x = 1000 (if we take the selling price and subtract the 30% cut, we would be left with 1000
    .7x = 1000  Divide both sides by .7
    x = 1428.571429  Round to the nearest penny
    x = 1428.57
    30% of that is 428.571 rounded to 428.57
    428.57 + 1000 = 1428.57


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