Hi, I’m stuck on the problem: Consider a resistor (R=1000 kΩ) and a capacitor (C=1μF) connected in series. This configuration is connected in series to a battery with an emf of 10 V. Find the maximum voltage in [V] across the capacitor. Find the maximum charge on the capacitor in [µC]. How long will it take until the capacitor has a potential difference of 5 V?


  1. Answer:

    Following are the responses to the given choices:


    The maximum pressure is 10 V from across condenser.

    The highest charge mostly on condenser.

    vc = 10\times 1\ mf\\\\

        = 10^{-5}\ C

    The time it takes for the condenser to be 5 V different.

    time = ln_2 \times 1000  \times 1mf

            =0 .69 \times  10^{-3}\  sec

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