HELP PLS Diane got a prepaid debit card with $20 on it. For her first purchase with the card, she bought some bulk ribbon at a craft store. The price of the ribbon was 19 cents per yard. If after that purchase there was $17.91 left on the card, how many yards of ribbon did Diane buy?


  1. Diane bought 11 ribbons for $0.19 with total purchase cost of $2.09
    How much did Diane spend on bulk ribbon?
    The amount spent on bulk ribbon is the difference between the initial amount on the prepaid debit card of $20 and the balance left after paying for bulk ribbon, which is $17.91
    balance after purchase=$20-$17.91
    balance after purchase=$2.09
    The fact that each ribbon is $0.19 means that the number of ribbons purchase can be determined as the total purchase cost of $2.09 divided by the price per ribbon of $0.19
    number of ribbons purchase=$2.09/$0.19
    number of ribbons purchase=11 ribbons
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