help me pweas

Jacob sells homemade skateboard decks for a profit of $27 per deck. He is considering switching to a new type of material that will increase his profit, as expressed by the function y = 32x, where x is the number sold and y is the amount of profit.

How many more dollars will Jacob earn on each skateboard deck if he switches to the new material? Explain how you found your answer. (5 points)


  1. Answer: I think that it is 32
    Step-by-step explanation: I think this because in your equation it says (y=32x) which 32 will mean how much he is charging for each skateboard, x will be how many he sells, and y would be how much he makes from selling them. So if he sold 2 skateboards you would do 32 x 2 which equals 64 soo that would be (64=32×2) so it is 32


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