Based on all of the information you have gathered about global warming, you should now be able to clearly communicate your thoughts on the matter.

Although you will summarize your thoughts in your own words for this first-draft essay, you should often support your opinions by referring to the resources that you found during your research.

Just as the scientists who study global warming have varying opinions, so will the students in your class. Any conclusion can be valid, as long as you support your conclusion with your research.

Now, write an essay (with a minimum of five full paragraphs) that expresses your opinions and persuades your reader to feel the same way. Try to organize your essay effectively so that it is focused on the ideas that are central to your argument. Also, try to maintain a formal tone that balances the persuasive nature of your argument with an objective (nonbiased) approach that makes your piece credible (believable).

Be sure to:

a. Use scientific reasoning to explain why your opinions are valid.
b. Explain why opposing opinions and reasoning are not as convincing.
c. Cite at least three excerpts or quotations, from at least three different resources from your research, that support your conclusions.
d. Use mathematical data, where appropriate.


  1. The long-term heating of the Earth’s climate system can be referred to as global warming. This has been observed since before the industrial era and is the result of human activities, primarily the burning of fossil fuels.

    What is global warming?

    A growing threat to crucial coastal ecosystems and the millions of people who live in coastal regions worldwide stems from the interaction between warming temperatures and melting ice sheets and glaciers.
    When carbon dioxide and other air pollutants assemble in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have reflected off the surface of the earth, global warming results. The troposphere, the lowest level of the atmosphere, which rises from Earth’s surface to a height of 6 to 11 miles, is where the phenomenon of rising average air temperatures close to the planet’s surface over the past century or two primarily occurs. The majority of Earth’s clouds are found in this layer, which is also where most living things, their habitats, and weather are found.
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