Having aced your Physics 2111 class, you get a sweet summer-job working in the International Space Station. Your room-mate, Cosmonaut Valdimir tosses a banana at you at a speed of 16 m/s. At exactly the same instant, you fling a scoop of ice cream at Valdimir along exactly the same path. The collision between banana and ice cream produces a banana split 8.2 m from your location 1.4 s after the banana and ice cream were launched.

1. How fast did you toss the ice cream?

2. How far were you from Valdimir when you tossed the ice cream?


  1. Answer:


    The speed is   s =  5.857 m/s


    The distance is  D = 22.4  \  m


    From the question we are told that

         The speed of the banana is  v =  16 \ m/s

       The distance from my  location is  d =  8.2  \ m  

         The time taken is  t = 1.4 \ s

    The speed of the ice cream is

              s =  \frac{d}{t}

    substituting values

            s =  \frac{8.4}{1.4}

            s =  5.857 m/s

    The distance of separation between i and Valdimir is the same as the distance covered by the banana


              D =  v * t

    substituting values

            D = 16 *  1.4

            D = 22.4  \  m



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