Given the choice between doing an oral and written report ,18 of the 28 students chose to do an oral report find the ratio of written to oral report


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    So since 18 chose to do oral report, that means (28-18) or 10 students decided to do a written report.
    To find the written to oral report ration, we need to find for each student that did a written report, how many did an oral report? We can express this as a fraction and simplify to get the simplified ratio. So the the written will be the numerator and the oral will be the denominator: 10/18, to simplify this simply divide both sides by 2, to get 5/9 which gives us the simplified ratio of 5:9 meaning that for every 5 students who decided to do a written report 9 students decided to do an oral report.

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