Gem and her five friends are going on a holiday.
There is a buy 4 get one free offer on plane tickets.
Tickets cost £600 each.
If Gem and her friends are each expected to pay an equal amount towards their tickets, how much does each person pay?


  1. Answer:

    £500 per person

    Step-by-step explanation:

    there are a total of 6 people including Gem, so this means that if they buy the tickets they will receive 1 free ticket. so that leaves a total of 5 tickets that they need to pay for.

    first we need to figure out how much they need to pay all together for the tickets and because they need to pay for 5  tickets each of which cost £600

    5×600= 3000

    now that we know that the tickets cost a grand total of £3000 we need to see how much each person will need to pay. There are a total of 6 people so we just divide £3000 by 6

    3000/6= 500

    each person will need to pay £500


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