Franklin weighs his puppy in pounds. He
decomposes the weight as shown.
8 ones + 13 tenths + 24 hundredths + 176
How much does his puppy weigh in pounds?


  1. Using proportions, it is found that the puppy weighs 9.716 pounds.

    What is a proportion?

    A proportion is a fraction of a total amount, and the measures are related using a rule of three. Due to this, relations between variables, either direct or inverse proportional, can be built to find the desired measures in the problem.
    We have that:
    • A one is worth 1.
    • A tenth is worth 0.1.
    • A hundredth is worth 0.01.
    • A thousandths is worth 0.001.
    Hence the weight is given by:
    8 x 1 + 13 x 0.1 + 24 x 0.01 + 176 x 0.001 = 9.716 pounds.
    More can be learned about proportions at


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