For this problem, carry at least four digits after the decimal in your calculations. Answers may vary slightly due to rounding. In a marketing survey, a random sample of 730 women shoppers revealed that 638 remained loyal to their favorite supermarket during the past year (i.e., did not switch stores). (a) Let p represent the proportion of all women shoppers who remain loyal to their favorite supermarket. Find a point estimate for p. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)


  1. A point estimate for p = 0.8989

    What is point estimation?

    A point estimate of the mean of a population is determined by calculating the mean of a sample drawn from the population. The calculation of the mean is the sum of all sample values divided by the number of values.
    p +/- z * sqrt [p(1 – p)/n]
    0.8668 +/- 1.96 * sqrt [( 0.8668 * 0.1332)/730]
    0.8668 +/- 1.96 * sqrt [0.00015816]
    0.8668 +/- 0.0246
    (0.8423, 0.8989)
    To learn more about point of estimation from the given link


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