(Find The Probability Question)

Choose 2 apples to eat from a bowl containing 6 apples, 8 oranges, and 4 bananas.


  1. Answer:
    240/990 = 8/33.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Arbitrarily, the chances of this outcome, by picking an apple first, then an orange, then a banana, is:
    5/11 × 4/10 × 2/9= 40/990
    But we don’t care about the order and in reality, there are six orders that would achieve our outcome:
    Apple, orange, banana
    Apple, banana, orange
    Orange, Apple, banana
    Orange, banana, Apple
    Banana, Apple, orange
    Banana, orange, Apple
    The probability of each these outcomes is the same as computed above (Just exchanging numerators.) So the answer is 6×(40/990)


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