Find the coordinates of a second point on the graph of a function if the given point is on the graph and the function is (a)
even and (b) odd.

Q: (-3/2, 4)


  1. Using even and odd functions, the coordinates of the points are given as follows:
    a) (3/2, 4).
    b) (3/2, -4).

    What are even and odd functions?

    Even and odd functions are classified as follows:
    • Even: f(x) = f(-x).
    • Odd: f(x) = -f(-x).
    Hence, the coordinates are found as follows:
    • Item a: f(-3/2) = f(3/2), hence the coordinate is (3/2, 4).
    • Item b: f(-3/2) = -f(3/2), hence the coordinate is (3/2, -4).
    More can be learned about even and odd functions at


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