Erin’s car uses 6 gallons of gas for every 138 miles she drives.which equation could be used to find how many gallons,g, Erin needs to drive 92 miles. Answer choice A : 23=92g B:23=183g C:92=23g D:138=23g


  1. The equation that could be used to find how many gallons Erin would need to drive 92 miles is 92 = 23g (option c)

    How many gallons is needed to drive 92 miles?

    The first step is to determine the gallons needed to drive 1 mile. To do this, divide the  6 gallons by 138 miles. Division is the process of grouping a number into equal parts using another number. The sign used to denote division is ÷.
    Gallons needed for 1 mile = 6/138
    In order to determine the gallons needed for 92 miles, multiply the ratio gotten in the previous step by 92
    (6/138) x 92 = 4 gallons
    The option that gives 4 gallons is : 92 = 23g
    g = 92 / 32 = 4
    To learn more about division, please check:


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