Express the given statement in the form of expression.

5 less than three times a number x .

The expression to represent the above statement is


  1. The statement is expressed as an expression to 3x – 5

    What is an algebraic expression?

    An algebraic expression can be described as an expression made up of coefficients, terms, factors, variables and constants.
    These expressions are also composed of some mathematical and arithmetic operations. They include;
    • Addition
    • Division
    • Multiplication
    • Subtraction
    • Parentheses
    • Bracket, etc
    From the information given, we have that;
    • The number is x
    • The number is 5 times lesser than three times the value of x
    This can be represented as;
    3x – 5
    Hence, the expression represented is 3x – 5
    Learn more about algebraic expressions here:


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