Ella has a mask collection of 400 masks. She keeps 144 of the masks on her wall. What percentage of Ella’s mask collection does she keep on her wall?


  1. Answer: 36%
    Step-by-step explanation: First, 144/400 is hard to visualize as a percent so let’s try to write it in lowest-terms or at least to reduce it enough so that we can see if we can do anything with it.
    We know we can simplify since the top and bottom are even so let’s divide the numerator & denominator by 2 to get 72/200 and let’s do it again to get 36/100 and now we have a denominator of 100.
    To write a fraction as a percent, remember that a percent is a ratio of a number to 100 so we can write 36/100 as 36%.
    So Ella keeps 36% of her masks on the wall.


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