Ebony’s bank balance 1st reached $400 on Day 4. The last day her balance was $400 was Day 8.
(a) Determine
B(5), B(6), and B(7). Explain how you determined these amounts.
Explain how you determined these amounts.
(b) Estimate
B(1), B(2), and B(3)
(c) Jade said that the amount of money Ebony took out of her account each day between Day 8 and Day
12 was the same amount of money she put into her account each day between Day 0 and Day 4.
Recall that Day 12 is when the balance first reached $0. Without doing any calculations, how could
you show Jade why that cannot be true?


  1. Ebony’s bank balance is $400 was Day 8 and this can be explained below.

    How to explain the information?

    Jade cannot be true because for every transaction made during withdraws, a little amount of money is collected and as such the amount will never remain $400.
    Note that the scenario for the above to occur is:
    On day 4, her balance = $400
    On day 5, her balance = $40
    On day 6, her balance = $400
    On day 7, her balance = $400
    On day 8, her balance = $400
    Another fact is that since she deposited 400 at first, on day 8, there will be a 0 increase so the amount will still be 400.
    Therefore, if the above is the case, one can deduce the fact that her balance will still be $400.
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