Each insulated beaker contains equal amounts of the same fluid. The starting temperature of beaker A was 100.0 degrees Celsius and the starting temperature of beaker B was 0 degrees Celsius. At 5 minutes, the temperature of Beaker A was 82 and the temperature of Beaker B was 18. Assuming no heat was lost, what is the best estimate for the temperature of each beaker at 10 minutes?


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    If we are to say that no heat was lost, we would have to write this down as a absolute function.

    Beaker A lost 18 degrees in the span of 5 minutes (100 – 82) and Beaker B gained 18 degrees in the span of 5 minutes.

    This is where the problem gets tricky, because we have no second value for the second line of the function, though I doubt this question is that complicated.

    Now, what we do is we subtract 18 degrees from Beaker A, again, since 10 – 5 minutes is 5 minutes. We then add 18 degrees to Beaker B.


    Beaker A: 64° (82 – 18)

    Beaker B: 36° (18 + 18)

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