Dorothy spent $45 on shoes. This was five less than twice the amount she spent on jeans, j. Complete the equation that could be used to allow her to determine how much she spent on jeans.

Write the equation, then solve: show steps, properties


  1. Answer:
    20$ spent on jeans
    Step-by-step explanation:
    If Dorothy spent 45$ on shoe’s then 5 less this amount would be 40$

    40$ was twice the amount spent on Jeans so half of 40 is 20

    Hence 20$ was spent on jeans

  2. Answer:
    jeans cost $25
    Step-by-step explanation:
    we know that $45 is 5 less than twice the amount she spent on jeans.
    45 is 5 less 50, so she spent $50 on shoes. if she spent twice on shoes, it means you have to divide $50/2=$25 on jeans.
    the equation is: (45+5)/2=j


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