Does anyone have any ideas for multiplying 249 times 398 quickly and mentally? Everything online is too complex.


  1. First do 2times3 and then add 4 0’s because they are in the hundreds place and each of them have 2 0’s then do 9times4 and add 2 0’s to the answer and then do 9times8 add up all the answers 🙂

  2. Answer:
    So, the first solution is a calculator but sometime we don’t have a calculator so, do
    200 X 300 = A
    40 X 90 = B
    9 X 8 = C
    then add just do multiplication from there like
    A + B = D
    D + C = E
    Then your finally answer would be E
    Hope that helps that’s the way I do math quick in my head
    (Btw the answer to 249 X 398 = 63,672 )


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