Do you know has three times as many dimes as quarters the dollar amount of her dimes and quarters is $6.05 how many quarters does she have


  1. The number of quarters she have 11.

    What is a system of equations?

    A system of equations is two or more equations that can be solved to get a unique solution. the power of the equation must be in one degree.
    Let consider y = quarters; x = dimes
    We know that there are 3 times as many dimes as quarters. So we can state that x = 3y.
    Then, we say that 25y + 10x = 605
    (Value of coin * amount of coins)
    Then we substitute x=3y into the equation, yielding:
    25y + 10(3y) = 605
    25y + 30y = 605
    55y = 605
    605/55 = 11 = y
    Therefore, the number of quarters she have 11.
    Learn more about equations here;


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